Denim type

Since the late 1970 s, after the great development of many Chinese denim, it has become an important international denim manufacturer. A large number of advanced denim and denim clothing enterprises have basically reached international standards in terms of quality and variety, reversing the international market concept that domestic denim products are "inferior" in the early days. The development and production of Chinese denim products started late, but the starting level is high, with automatic winding, spinning, ball dyeing, shuttleless loom (is rapier loom, followed by projectile is jet) shrink finishing equipment, heavy machinery and other advanced, so as to develop varieties of denim to improve the quality level, to create good conditions. however,



When using different yarn number, different slub thickness (basic yarn and slub yarn with slub ratio), length and pitch, using single warp or single weft, warp and weft yarn equipped with two-way slub yarn, ordinary yarn and the appropriate proportion and arrangement of the same quantity or different quantity, can produce all kinds of denim bamboo, garment washing processing to form all kinds of hazy or clear grid jeans, which is welcomed by consumers to the needs of personalized groups. Almost all early slub denim is spun with ring-spun yarn. Due to its short length, small pitch, and relatively high density of slub yarn, the cloth is easy to form a dense decorative effect and cooperate with slub. With the development of market demand


weft elasticity

Spandex stretch yarn, denim varieties have developed into a new field, can make jeans both close and comfortable, with bamboo or different colors, so that the product is more suitable for denim fashion, personalized consumer demand, so it has great potential for development. The elastic elongation is generally 20% ~ 40% elastic elongation. According to the design of the fabric's organization size, the weft organization on the fabric has a smaller tightness and greater elasticity. On the other hand, the conditional tension strength of the fixed weft is smaller, and the elasticity is smaller. The weft density is to a certain extent, and even loses elasticity. In addition, the shrinkage rate of the weft thread of the finished stretch denim fabric is generally more than 10%, and some are even as high as 20%.


Huiming Home Textile Home Contribution Award

On December 28, 2016, the China Textile New Retail Fortune Forum and the China Home Textile Brand Influence Award Ceremony hosted by the China Textile Business Association were held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Zhejiang Huiming Jacquard Weaving Co., Ltd. won the 2016 Home Textile Home Special Contribution Award.


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