Company Introduction

Zhejiang Huiming Jacquard Weaving Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Its main business is the export of jacquard fashion fabrics. It entered the wall covering industry across borders in 2012 and immediately became a leading brand in China's wall covering industry. It was the first to propose and adhere to the "A +" standard woven wall covering, creating a precedent for Class A skin-friendly wall covering.

[Founder Introduction]
In October 2017, Qian Zhiyi was invited to participate in the study of the Chinese Brocade Intangible Heritage Seminar organized by Zhejiang University of Technology and initiated by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. As a representative of modern brocade skills, Qian Zhiyi found that he shouldered not only an enterprise, but also the responsibility of inheriting Chinese jacquard weaving skills, and had a clearer understanding of Huiming's corporate mission and value. Based on his contribution to the jacquard weaving process, Qian Zhiyi was named "the most influential person in the wall covering industry" by the industry this year ".

[Development History]
2013 China Wallpaper Wall Covering Industry Most Influential Brand
"Top Ten Brands in Wall Covering Industry" Honorary Title
2014 China Interior Decoration Association Wallpaper Wall Covering Professional Committee Member Unit
China Building Decoration Materials Association Wallpaper Branch Vice Chairman Unit
2015 Products Selected in "National Torch Plan"
Participate in "National Wall Covering Standard Formulation" Contract Enterprise
China Building vice President of Wallpaper Branch of Decoration and Decoration Materials Association
2016 China Environmental Label Certification (Ten Ring Certification)
Wallpaper "Paste Worker" National Vocational Qualification Training and Assessment Base
"Qingming Shanghe Tu" Won "Guinness World's Best" Award
Won Gold Award for Best Production Technology (Wall Cloth Category)
European Style Wallpaper Wall Cloth Design Silver Award
Top Ten Brands in China Wall Cloth Industry
2017 Zhejiang Province Famous Trademark
China wall Cloth Original Design and Development Model Award
Top Ten Brands in China's Wall Cloth Industry
2018 National High-tech Enterprise
2019 Most Influential Brand
A Zhejiang Province "Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding" Enterprise
Top Ten Brands in China's Wall Cloth Industry (Production)
Century Golden Wall Award (Jacquard)
Top Ten Brands in China's Wall Cloth Market in 2020
Top Ten Brands

[Product Advantages]]
to meet the textile class a baby skin standard
November 2018, according to the GB18401-2010 "National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products", Huiming A + wall covering insists on using clothing fabric technology to produce wall covering, and the product quality meets the technical requirements of Class A products, I .e. the skin-friendly standard for infants.

Passed the National Environmental Label Certification
In 2016, Huiming obtained the Ten Ring Certification, and regularly sampled product quality, making a 15-year quality assurance commitment to consumers.

Passed the Latest EU SGS205 Hazardous Substances Test
EU SGS is the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification body, with 205 latest testing standards for wall covering. Huiming A + wall covering is produced according to the clothing fabric standard. After 21 quality production processes, Huiming A + wall covering has reached the zero content standard for harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and its compounds, heavy metals, etc.

[Product Function]
Grade 5 waterproof
wall covering is soft, but it involves a wide area and is rarely replaced after decoration. Especially for families with children and pets or with a damp back, the waterproof and antifouling properties of the wall covering are particularly important. According to GB/T 4745-2012 "Determination of Surface Moisture Resistance of Textile Fabrics-Water Contamination Test", Huiming A + wall covering has a water exposure grade of Grade 5, Grade 5 is the highest waterproof grade, and there is no trace of wetting on the surface layer and the inner layer.

Grade 0 Anti-mildew
Many wall coverings grow mold soon after they are pasted. When mildew spots grow, it will not only affect the beauty of the room, but also affect people's quality of life and cause serious health hazards to the human body. Huiming A + wall covering has undergone nano-scale anti-mildew treatment, and the anti-mildew of wall covering has reached grade 0, which is the highest standard for anti-mildew.

99.99% antibacterial and antibacterial
The circulation of the human body system is inseparable from bacteria, but in some cases, bacteria can also become harmful organisms, threatening people's health and destroying the ecological balance. Huiming A + wall covering starts from the selected yarn, undergoes 80-degree high-temperature washing, 5 quality inspections, removes textile oil with special detergent, and then undergoes nano-antibacterial treatment to make the wall covering have mildew-proof and antibacterial properties. According to the authoritative antibacterial performance test, the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reached 99.99%.

Nano Antistatic
Antistatic function is only required in the field of clothing and textiles. Huiming produces wall covering with clothing fabric technology, so Huiming A + wall covering also has antistatic properties. Huiming A + wall covering is treated by special detergent to remove electrostatic nuclei in textile oil and textiles, then treated by nanotechnology, and then passed through 180-degree high-temperature coating production line. According to the national textile electrostatic performance evaluation standard (GB/T 12703.1-2008), the electrostatic voltage half-life of Huiming wall covering is only 3.8 seconds, and the antistatic performance is 27 times that of ordinary wall covering.

B1 fireproof (customized function)
seamless wall covering is not only popular in the home improvement market, but also gradually popular in hotels, hotels, KTV and other public places. For tooling, the fire retardant performance of seamless wall covering is particularly important. Huiming A + wall covering provides customized service for fireproof performance. After special flame retardant treatment, the product has flame retardant function. According to the test of GB/T 17591-2006 "Flame Retardant Fabric", the time of continuous combustion and smoldering of customized Huiming A + product is zero, the damaged length of fabric warp and weft is only 1/2 of the technical standard, and the flame retardant reaches B1 grade.

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