Introduction of Huiming A Wall Cloth

Huiming A + wall covering always adheres to the "A +" weaving standard, focuses on creating skin-friendly wall covering for infants and young children, and provides environmentally friendly and professional wall solutions for home improvement users and engineering users.

Brand Brief Introduction

As Huiming's high-end wall covering series, Huiming A + wall covering adopts the whole industry chain mode, starting from the source, through weaving processing, quality inspection, product packaging, brand promotion, product sales and other links, to achieve product safety guarantee, stable delivery period and after-sales assurance, so as to meet the high requirements of every consumer for Huiming products.

Enterprise solgan: Committed to improving people's living space

Product Features

Huiming A + wall covering adopts 21 quality processes. Starting from the selection of raw materials, it undergoes 80-degree high-temperature water washing, three 180-degree high-temperature shrinkage and shaping, and five quality inspections to remove textile oil, heavy metal residues, formaldehyde and APEO.

Textile Class A: After being tested by the National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products in GB18401-2010, Huiming A + wall covering insists on using clothing fabric technology to produce wall covering, and the product quality meets the technical requirements of Class A products, I .e. the skin-friendly standard for infants.

Antistatic: The static voltage half-life of Huiming A wall covering is only 3.8 seconds, and the antistatic performance is 27 times that of ordinary wall covering.

Antibacterial: The antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reached 99.99%.

anti-mildew: reach grade 0 index, grade 0 is the highest grade standard of anti-mildew.

waterproof: reach grade 5 waterproof, grade 5 is the highest level of waterproof, and there is no wetting trace on the surface layer and the inner layer.

Product Service

Home Decoration

Provide infant skin-friendly wall covering paving design scheme, villa background wall, ultra-high and ultra-wide background wall customization service.

Construction Project

provides a variety of exclusive functional customized solutions, covering hotels, clubs, high-end office buildings, etc.

old house renovation

provides professional wall improvement, repair scheme and paving design scheme.

product positioning

to meet the ultimate requirements of consumers for environmental protection.

R & D Strength

Huiming A + wall covering adopts high-end jacquard fashion fabric technology, and will join hands with Donghua University in 2019 to set up a joint research and development center for decorative wall materials to create the only wall covering with "aldehyde removal" function in the industry.

Development Process


"Top Ten Brands in Wall Covering Industry" Honorary Title


China Interior Decoration Association Wallpaper Wall Covering Professional Committee Vice Chairman Unit


Products Selected in "National Torch Plan"


China Environmental Label Certification (Ten Ring Certification)

Wall Covering Paste Worker National Vocational Qualification Training and Assessment Base

"Qingming Shanghe Tu" Won "Guinness World's Best" Award

"Wild Goose Award" China Home Industry Environmental Protection Leading Brand "Award

" Wild Goose Award "China Home top 100 Industry" Award

China Home Textile Special Contribution Award

China Wall Cloth Top Ten Brands

Won Gold Award


Zhejiang Famous Trademark

China Wall Cloth Original Design and Development Model Award

China Wall Cloth Top Ten Brands

First "Golden Cock Award" top Ten Brands of Soft Decoration Customization in China's Soft Decoration Industry

Won the Title of "Famous Craftsman Studio" in Lanxi City


National High-tech Enterprise

Top Ten Brands of China's Wall Decoration Industry

Top Ten Brands of Soft Decoration Customization in China's Soft Decoration Industry Honor


A Zhejiang Province "Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding" Enterprise

"Most Influential Brand Award"

Century Golden Wall Award (Jacquard)

Top Ten Brands in China's Wall Cloth Industry


Wall Cloth Market Credibility Top Ten Brands

Top Ten Brands in China's Wall Cloth Industry

Product Innovation Gold Award, "Annual Craftsmanship of the Year spirit Gold Award"

"Most Valuable Brand Award of the Year"

China Wallpaper Wall Cloth Design and Development Competition (Wall Cloth Category) Best Production Craft Award

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